To cope with international healthcare challenges in a globalised world, it is clear that there is a need for a coordinated, dedicated data infrastructure and global data exchange ecosystem.

In this Panel we will highlight the following topics :

  • Defining access to the private data of a patient
  • Worldwide accessibility and exchange of medical data

The success of ML algorithms depends heavily on how sensitive Big Data is gathered, filtered, transformed and stored. In healthcare, this data can be numerical (vital signs), CT images, categorical (gender, race), or even free text (doctor’s notes, surveys). Creating a global data-collection eco-system is vital, but at the same time presents a huge challenge. Once Big Data is gathered, the question of secure data storage arises. This session, with accompanying panel discussion, will review the most recent solutions offered by academia and business in collaboration with hospitals.


Head of Sector for policy in eHealth, European Commission

Saila Rinne

EU initiatives on AI and data in the health sector

Head of Sector – EU policies
European Commission
Directorate-General Communications Networks, Content and Technology
Unit H3 “eHealth, Well-Being and Ageing”
Co-founder at Synodis

Yann de Cambourg

Impact of the Data Governance Act and the Data Act on the European Health Data Space

Co-founder at Synodis, an IT company specialized in Healthcare.
Yann has a wide knowledge of interoperability in healthcare systems.
Yann has deployed several healthcare data components ; he is an expert on FHIR, data management and data sharing.
Synodis is an healthcare integrator at the crossing between IT and Business.
EMR implementation, Interoperability and Digital Services Integration are our core competencies : FHIR Servers, Interoperability and MDM platforms, NLP, Semantic analysis, Machine Learning, Data Labs

Moritz Schröder

Operationalizing data for AI as a strategic decision